New architecture in Marseilles

Did something happen lately for Marseilles to be quoted in the New York Times as one of the 10 European cities to visit in 2013?

How does a transit, poor and multicultural city turn into a European metropolis?

It is not only the European Capital of Culture title which attracted a lot of tourists last year, or because of the Euro-Mediterranean project, the largest urban renewal project in southern Europe. Everywhere you look, the city has been polished and scrubbed, renovated and repainted. Vast new museums have risen from the ground.  Isn’t it exciting to understand the major impacts of such a face lift for this transit, poor, and multicultural city?

We are living the 4th major urban transformation of this harbour, since its foundation by the Greeks 2600 years ago.

Marseilles renewal 

Starting from the new “Old port” this tour embraces the various facets of Marseilles renewal. The city has  appealed to the most prestigious architects of our time : Norman Foster, Rudy Ricciotti , Stefano Boeri , Kengo Kuma, Zaha adid, Matthieu Poitevin & Pascale Reynaud.

This visit is another way for the visitor to enter into the history of Marseilles, and to discover the waterfront and old industrial areas converted into business districts and places of culture.

If you want to have a good overview of new buildings in Marseilles, and compare the glorious past of its worldwide harbour with the rebirth of it today, just fasten your seat-belt, and jump on the bandwagon of Modernity made in Marseilles.


This tour can be completed by a visit to the Radiant city of Le Corbusier.