If Castle

In the early morning, discover the beautiful Marseilles still sleeping, and its most terrifying state prison.

If has always been associated with…

… all that is strange wild and radically different, provoking fear but also curiosity. It is nothing to compare with the Louvre or Versailles, it’s not that type of castle. It looks more like a wind beaten impregnable bastion. On the shuttle, while crossing the Old Port, we will stand on the upper deck where I will comment on the topography and monuments of the city.

In the Footsteps of the Count of Monte-Cristo

Once  we’ve arrived at If island, we will visit the castle where you’ll listen to frightening stories about some notorious prisoners’ fate, as well as a man named Edmond Dantes … You will discover why ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ has captivated readers from around the world, turning up for pilgrimage to hear about the cell’s most famous inmates.


Then … we’ll drink a cup of coffee in a simple and magical place on the island where we will have time to talk of old Marseille, literature, Pagnol and others … We can understand a lot of the city looking from here.

Warning: Pier shuttles to Frioul Islands : you must plan to arrive at least 20 minutes before the departure time to buy tickets.

Additional costs:

Shuttle Charge: Round trip: 10.10 euros.

Castle entrance fee: Full price: € 5.50

Drinks at the bar are your own responsibility.