Le Panier walking tour

Let’s go for a stroll in the Panier district, a mythical neighborhood, the original, the one where it all began.

Who said that Marseilles was a city without historical traces ? On the north side of the old port, every stone speaks. Discover the identity of the city, a commercial harbour, independent and cosmopolitan city state. Along the walk, you will learn the main highlights of Marseilles’ history, since its foundation by the Greeks in -600 BC, until the MUCEM’s construction.

Visit the City Hall, “Les Accoules” church, the Vieille Charité, Cathédrale de la Major…

Our journey begins at the foot of the Old port and ends at the heights of the old town. The visit lasts two pleasant hours and covers a lot of historical buildings. (the city hall, « les Accoules » Church, « Hôtel de Cabre »,  Vieille Charité, Cathedrale la Major and Fort St Jean).

The area is mainly pedestrian. However,please note that there are many stairs. I refer of course to the colourful history of Marseilles, but also to many stories I’ve been told by the district’s inhabitants. I embellish my visit with visual archives on my Ipad.

…And discover the MuCEM

Last but not least, we will arrive at MuCEM, and discover its terrific building along with the history of the Fortress St Jean. A must see site!