Marseille downtown tour

Canebière, and other oddities.

At first sight, you don’t want to…

…spend a lot of time around La Canebière. However, if a friendly guide invents for you a path through the glorious history of the area, and the remains of it, then your visit can last forever… So many things to say, watch, smell, imagine, all concentrated together in this Marseilles downtown area.

Old port, Marseilles Opera, Noailles market, Longchamp Palace

This visit covers the Old port, the Opera, the Chamber of Commerce, some nice baroque style buildings, an incredible colorful market (Noailles), a great gentry avenue and an amazing water tower  (Longchamp castle and avenue).

We will hang around in nice coffee places, meet the locals and eat in very local restaurant places, walk away from touristic attractions, and feel what it is like to be a Marseillese! For people not afraid to discover a real place with real people, Marseille is the place.  You will not forget it.

Please note that we will take the tramway during this tour.