Marseilles melting pot heritage

Visit Belsunce and Noailles vibrant area

Marseilles off the beaten track

The traffic. The sirens. The noise. Belsunce’s district is not commonly into the guidebooks.Yet it is one of the best vibrant area to visit with a guide. This city neighborhood is home to many 17century baroque style buildings. It also keeps track of outstanding and unknown people who made the Marseilles migration history. Between St Charles rail station and the harbour, many newcomers transit by this area, some of them left, others stayed for their luck or misfortune…I have some good stories  to tell, and surprising things to show you.

Marseilles is diversity

Marseilles is diversity, and Belsunce is the best example of mixed cultures, religions and traditions coexisting. Crossing the Canebière we will stop at the Noailles foodmarket, where you can buy superb provisions at rock bottom prices and drink the best mint tea ever.

A historical area 

From one street to another, I invite you to dream of Marseilles glorious past under Louis XIV and the French Revolution, then I also comment some ugly facts linked with prostitution and Marseilles bad crime reputation.

Marseilles melting pot heritage tour, what else?!