Street art, Hip-Hop made in Marseille

The most influential French hip-hop albums of all time

One of the most influential French hip-hop albums of all time, L’École du Micro d’Argent (“The School of the Silver Mic“), was released by a French group from Marseilles, called IAM. Because hip-hop culture did not require the purchase of expensive instruments or sound systems as prerequisites for participation, it was accessible to urban youth from all social classes.

Graffiti subculture

What is graffiti’s role in this? Both cultures blossomed at the same time in New york during the 80′s, and since then they’ve  become an international movement. In Marseilles just like in other big cities, rap’s energy and graffiti writing are associated with the disenfranchised and rebellious youth, but mainly, with Marseilles dissident identity.

It has cultivated a local style of rap music, which, like the soccer team, is supported in local clubs and on local radio stations and has come to link Marseillais across race and class. Rappers in Marseille celebrate the city’s melting-pot heritage.

Urban culture made in Marseilles

We will discover how Street Art and Hip Hop are part of the process of Marseilles, and run through music and graffiti in the Williamsburg of Marseille, La Plaine district.  From there it’s a short hike to the Friche Belle de Mai, another hot spot for urban culture made in Marseilles.